KeyRocket recommends keyboard shortcuts while you work, where it matters!

KeyRocket recommends Keyboard Shortcuts while you work, where it matters!

KeyRocket makes learning keyboard shortcuts simple and fun. While you work, KeyRocket suggests useful shortcuts in a small notification window based on your mouse clicks and movements. Currently it supports Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office shortcuts (Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint).

Smart Notifications: KeyRocket offers context-aware shortcut suggestions for Windows and Microsoft Office depending on what you are working on. Did you just Bold some text with the mouse? KeyRocket will notice and suggest Ctrl+B in a small notification window. It’s that simple. All the Shortcuts: Quickly learn over 1,600 shortcuts and key sequences for the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook). KeyRocket recommends shortcuts shown in the menus and ‘secret’ shortcuts shown only in help or support documents. Searchable: Have a shortcut in mind already? Search KeyRocket's built-in Shortcut Library.

It’s the fastest way to master MS Office and become the most productive person in the office or just get your work done faster so you can focus on more important tasks. And there is not any other similar software at the market!

Totally recommended for people who use to work with any MS Office! Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook!



KeyRocket 1.1